Wood Crates: Creative Things to Do with Wood Crates

Keeping the house clean and tidy is like a hobby for many of you out there. But decorating a house is important too! You just need a little vision and some creativity to make your place look a little more attractive. And one way to do so is by using the old crates in your garage.

Crates can be really useful when it comes to decorating. Multiple uses with a different variety of style make crate as one of the important pieces of decoration.

Let’s look at what you can do with crates.


#1. Use it as a shoe rack










You can use your crate as a shoe rack. All you need to do is to add a divider vertically in the crate. For more space, you also add some small horizontal divider on top of vertical ones.


#2. Hanging Bookshelf








If your crate is big enough, then divide the crate into two separate parts and use it as a bookshelf for you or your kids. This type of setting also looks fancy nowadays.

#3. Spice Rack



Did you know you can use the crate as a spice rack? You can always hang this rack or even place it on your desired position. Also, you can try out new things and make it look even more attractive. In this way, you can organize your kitchen.

#4. Record Keeper




Keep you record organized by using old crates as a holder. This will help you to organize the records in a better and it's quite interesting idea.

#5. Seats





You can also use your crate as a sitting option. Just add a cushion to the top of the crate and use it as a seat. Try painting the sides with a different color, in this way it would look trendy and classy.

#6. Toy Bin

With kids in the house, it is obvious that their toys would be lying all around the place. Use one of your crates as a bin for the toys. You can also add wheels at the bottom which makes easier for the kids to move around the bin.

#7. Pet Bed




When it comes to pet bed, they are quite expensive, right? Why not make one by your own! Just remove a couple of boards from the front of the crate and add a nice comfortable pillow. Bingo! It is done.

#8. Use it in your kitchen 

The lying around crates can be used as a storage unit in your kitchen. Just place the crates in a hollow opening with wheels on the bottom. Such arrangement can be used to store potatoes, tomatoes etc.