Makita RP2301FC Plunge Router | Best From Makita Brand

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When you look for a plunge router the most important factor to consider is the size and its power. If you look for a plunge router which has power and comes in handy while working then Makita RP2301FC is the choice for you. The router can work on any type of material and can make doors and windows with ease. 

Makita Plunge Router runs on a 15 amp motor which is best suitable if you have to work on a heavy load. Moreover, the plunge router motor is also said to deliver high performance under heavy load conditions. It can deliver a power of about 9000-12000 RPM which in my review is very much enough for a heavy load work.

Another feature of the router is its variable speed setting. Which gives users the freedom to choose a speed according to the type of project they are working on. Also, it can fit a wide range of bits ranging as small as from 1 inch to as much as large as 3.5 inches in size. 

Let's have a look at some of the in-depth feature of the plunge router.

#1. Speed Options

The router gives a variable speed option to choose with a maximum speed going up to 21000 RPM to a minimum of 9000RPM. This type of setting helps you to adjust to any kind of working situation and material.

#2. Motor

The main feature of this plunge router is its motor capacity which makes it stand out from others in the router segment. Its motor is enough to generate a power that can easily deal with hard or tough material with ease. 

#3. Depth Adjustment

The next feature we will look at is the depth adjustment mechanism. You can easily adjust the depth of the router while working, for a better accuracy and precision, it comes with a 3 predefined setting.

#4. Start Mechanism

This mechanism ensures the safety of the user. It will not start at the speed that you have chosen, instead, it will gradually gain the speed and reach the desired amount of speed.

#5. Design

The design of the router makes it easy for the user to work with precision and accuracy. What makes the work so easy is the LED light on the plunge router which will guide you to do perfect holes or cuts.

With such a wide range of feature and that too at reasonable price surely the router should be in your buying list. If you mostly work with the tough material and heavy work is a part of your routine then this router will make that easy for you.