4 Great Reasons to Own a Plunge Router - DIY

If you are a woodworker then you might be familiar with the plunge router. For all the new people out there plunge router is a tool that is used while working with the wood. 

Here are the top 4 reasons to own a plunge router.


#1. Decorative Profile


The primary reason to own a plunge router is to create a nice decorative profile. You might wonder the beautiful finish on the table top that you own. Wouldn’t it be great if you can create one for yourself at your home? This can be easily done with the help of a router, you can consider it as one of the uses why router came in first place.

#2. Wood Edging
I like to work with wood as a hobby then you should probably invest in a router. Say if you are working with plywood and apparently you know it is always hard to do the edges as they look so unattractive. That's where a plunge router will help you. Also, using plunge router to cut out the space is better option than taking help of any professional.

#3. Work With Doors 

Doors can be a hallmark for a great furniture in your home. But what if the doors due to some reason have started to drop its charm. You can always work your way through it just by using the plunge router to fix things up and make it even better than before.

#4. Counter Tops

What if you can make those expensive kitchen countertops at your home. With plunge router and some plywood this is possible. An additional element you will need is the plastic laminate which is easily available in the market. Just trim the laminate using router and you can easily create a design that you like.