What is a Plunge Router?

Tools are the most important part when it comes to working with wood. One of the most important and must have tool for Beginner or a professional is an electronic plunger. The plunger is an very effective tool and can be used in variety of ways.


One such router is a plunge router. But for those not familiar with plunge router let me run you through it.


A plunge router allows the user to adjust the depth of the cut while it is turned on. This comes handy when you have to adjust on variable depth while using on a project. This is the major difference between plunge router and other routers.

Dewalt Plunge Router Review of 2018
















If you are looking for a mid-range plunge router then DEWALT DW621 2-Horsepower Plunge Router is the tool for you. The plunge router is able to tackle any problem with ease. Moreover, its design lets you handle the router effectively while doing sharp edges or cuts. 

The router comes with a 2HP motor with a variable speed option to choose from according to the material type. It can also run on constant speed without any trouble and that too for a longer period of time. The router performs around 24000 RPM that helps ensures precision with any kind of material.

With user-friendly instructions and button, the router is easy to use and any beginner can use it with ease.


Here are some of the main features of the Plunge router:


#1. Depth Adjustment


The router allows you to adjust the depth of the router while working. This feature will provide you with a great accuracy and precision. 


#2. Rubber Coated Handles


One of the amazing features of the plunge router is its rubber coated handles which will help you to handle the router more effectively and easily. This will also help when you have to use the router for a longer duration of time.


#3. Spindle Lock


The spindle lock enables the user to change the bits of the router easily. Also the it can fit the bit of any size which will help you while doing a tough cut on a material.


#4. Dust Collection Mechanism


This mechanism helps the plunge router to remove the dirt and wood particle in a dust collection chamber. This will help the woodworker in gaining the complete visibility of the material.


The multi-function collet helps you to use the router on different surface and materials. It comes with a 1/4″-1/2″ size that is enough to increase its versatility.


If you are looking for a router that runs smoothly and cuts a variety of materials with the cost that comes under your range then Dewalt plunge router is the option for you. 

The router consists of the feature that is a must in plunging and woodworking. Also, the design of the router makes it easier for you to use it for a long duration of time. Getting all these at an unbeatable price is surely a deal for you.

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