Best all around plunge router for both woodworking and finish carpentry?

dewalt dw621.jpg

This might question that will arise in most of your mind and why wouldn’t it be as there are so many options to choose from. Every other router is better in its own way but there must be one that at the same time is affordable and has all the functionality that you look for. Going through the products in the market and reading the reviews there was one that had our attention, DeWalt DW621.

The router can handle most of the work at the shop or at home as is considered as Beingwoodworker's best plunge router. Because of its design, it can be used as a router and also as a fixed base router. Let's look at some of the main features of the router.

#1. Motor

The router comes with a powerful motor that can operate up to 24,000 RPM and a minimum of 8,000 RPM it also comes with a 7-speed setting. You can easily set the speed just by adjusting the knob present on the top of the router. The router can be easily be turned on by the trigger present in the handle of the router. You just have to push to trigger down and the router will start automatically.

#2. Bottom Plate

The base plate is made of up of metal, and the cover of the same is made up of plastic. Both the parts are from different materials as to reduce the friction which as a result will prove useful for the life of the router. Both the parts are made up of strong and sturdy material. Also, after using it for several months they will show a little sign of wear and tear but not much. 


#3. Plunge Mechanism

The next feature we will look at is the plunge mechanism system of the router. It has a very good and sturdy plunge system that will last for quite a period of time. This mechanism rides on two steel plates, a big plate and a small one. Don’t worry it is a normal system nothing fancy. The mechanism works with the help of the spring so everytime the plunger comes up you have to apply a pressure back to make it stable on a particular location.

#4. Depth Stop

One of the important and most useful feature of the router is the depth stop. This mechanism will help to stop the router automatically so that it does not cut any further on the material that you are working on. For this it takes help of thick steel rod that stop the plunger to cut any further into the cut.